Crab Feast

People drink, eat, and smoke in good and bad times. Food is both a basic need and part of your daily rituals and lifestyle.


About Us

At the Crab Feast, we focus on food storytelling across various online platforms, including blogs, videos, and social media websites. We understand and know that food is a powerful storytelling vehicle. We use food to tell stories. Food defines us in every way. It’s who we are, our origins, lifestyle, beliefs, and even who we want to become.

Dishes and bites condense our biographies just like memories garnish our unique, individual stories. The food reflects our stories and identities, announcing to the public who we are and what we eat.

However, this doesn’t mean that we’re reduced to our food choices or just a single food we eat determines who we are. Our food choices, what we eat in the long-term, the foods that appeal to us, and our general food lifestyle determine who we are.

Food is complex, multi-faceted and has multiple dimensions. But, this extends only at an individual level because everyone makes personal choices when it comes to food.

The Crab Feast uses all kinds of food to tell stories. We share relevant and transparent food stories with our audiences.